Family Tree Pilot

Family Tree Pilot 1.04

Create your own family tree in a few easy steps


  • Very easy to use
  • Arrange family members just with the mouse


  • Functionality is too basic
  • You can't change the tree's text font


Genealogy utilities tend to be too complicated for novice users, so if you wanted to create your own family tree first of all you had to learn how to use the program itself. Now you have a much simpler option which will allow you to build your family history in no time.

Family Tree Pilot displays several tabs from which you can add new families, family members and descendants. The program's simplicity makes it very easy to use, but at the same time it doesn't offer too extended capabilities. For example, you can only start a family with parents, so if you want to add your siblings you'll have to add your parents first. The information about each family member is also limited to name, birth date and death date and a small picture.

The tree tab enables you to arrange family members onto a tree graphic, simply by moving them around with the mouse. You can also resize their image by dragging its corners. However, I missed the possibility to customize the text font as well.

Family Tree is genealogy software that allows you to create an image of the family tree including personal photos.

With the program you will be able to make your family tree in minutes! An easy-to-use interface makes it accessible even to your children and grandparents. Build your own family tree in just a few simple steps:

  • enter information about each person (father, mother, children, etc)
  • indicate couples (wife and husband)
  • link children to their families

Then you can manually arrange the family tree you've just created within the background image.

Family Tree Pilot


Family Tree Pilot 1.04

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  • by Anonymous

    A basic genealogy application.
    Way too basic. I was hoping for a nicer interface and tree.
    Pros: Easy inst...   More